About Us


My name is Liah Gil, mother of Elisa, Tomer, and Liran, happily married and the owner of a studio for interior design and planning.

I hold a certificate in “Construction Management and Supervision,” and I am a graduate of the “Ultima School” of design at the Israeli Building Center.

I specialize in the design and planning of commercial and private spaces, tenant modifications, major renovations, lobby designs, shops, and luxury apartments.

I have over 25 years of experience in the construction and planning industry.

My work process is based on a budget and timeline that I develop together with the client, within which I diligently support my clients.

Over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge in the advanced systems and technologies in the field of planning and construction.

As part of the project, I connect, direct, assist in the negotiation process, and accompany clients against a variety of professionals and suppliers.

I love my work! I chose this profession because I feel that the knowledge I have accumulated, along with my love for the field and interaction with clients, greatly contributes to them and to me.